Nick van den Berg

I'm a front-end developer and UI designer, and I specialize in bridging the gap between engineers and designers.

What I can do

  • Implementation and maintenance

    I'm familiar with the important concepts behind modern front-ends, such as state management, rendering with a virtual DOM, reusable components and working with their lifecycle.

    I have about 5 years of working experience in software development, which means that I've had the time to learn about common practices and architectural patterns for writing good software. I use this knowledge to implement features in a performant and maintainable manner.

  • Accessibility

    Companies are becoming increasingly aware of the need to deliver accessible software products.

    As a developer, I like to keep this in mind as well. I have created a real estate website for the city of Rotterdam that had to meet WCAG standards. I know how to build the markup and styling in compliance with these standards, and I'm familiar with the different levels in WCAG.

  • Styling and CSS

    I work with vanilla CSS or preprocessors such as SCSS. I keep myself to naming conventions (BEM) and I have experience with CSS-in-JSS.

  • Performance

    I have built multiple websites for e-commerce, which is one of those industries in which performance has a direct, measurable effect on business.

    I know about the important ways to decrease bundle sizes and have experience working with auditing tools to measure page speeds and gain insights into what parts of the app or pages can use improvement.

Code examples are available on request.
  • Design systems

    I have been involved in the creation of design systems to facilitate front-end teams in building consistent user experiences. Starting from a brand and style guide, I've established visual standards like layout, spacing and grids. I've also designed a library of repeatable components that made up important parts of the user flow in various web applications.

  • Color

    I know how to work with colors, how to combine and use them in order to create strong visuals for a brand and its UI or web designs.

  • Typography

    I know how to choose fonts and how to pair them, all by taking into account other important aspects: How it fits with the brand, the legibility, colours and copy length.

  • Illustrations

    I ocassionally like to draw illustrations that can be used as visuals for user interfaces and web design.

Design examples are available on request.

My experience

2018 - present

Closing the gap between developers and designers

Handoff is a new design tool that allows you to draw designs like you would in vector tools like Sketch, but export to production-ready code in HTML, CSS and boilerplate code for React and Vue.
  • Vue.js
  • Vuex
  • Firebase
  • UI Design


Interim Front-end developer & UI designer
dec 2019

I've designed and built a reporting tool for radiologists to process MRI scans. Worked with backend team to design + deliver a fully-functioning prototype within just 6 days.

  • Vue.js
  • Node.js
  • Django
  • UI Design


Front-end developer & UI designer
2014 - 2018

I gained the bulk of my web development experience from projects I carried out as the owner of my digital agency. I have worked for various clients, including the city of Rotterdam, Radboud UMC and numerous other startups. For many of these projects I worked with teams that I formed using outsourcing marketplaces.

  • Vue.js
  • Node.js
  • PHP
  • Meteor
  • UI Design
  • Webflow


Front-end developer & UI designer
2017 - present

I have worked on migration of the stack from Angular 1 to Vue. This included refactoring legacy code and re-architecturing the UI based on modern approaches: A standalone UI library, ES6 and state management (Vuex) and writing tests using Jest. I was also tasked with implementing numerous new features, as well as designing user interfaces based on qualitative and quantitative research from the UX team.

  • Vue.js
  • Vuex
  • Angular
  • Webpack
  • Jest
  • UI Design
  • Usability tests
  • Prototyping


Front-end developer & UI designer
2016 - 2018

As the co-founder of Geardropper, I was responsible for development of the online platform and marketing activities. I carried out a lot of market research, from which I created different designs for the e-commerce website and landing pages.

  • Vue.js
  • Node.js
  • Meteor
  • CI
  • UI Design
  • Usability tests


Tommy Hillfiger Fall - Winter 2019

I've been part of a team that built a campaign website for Tommy Hillfiger. I was responsible for implementing components using Vue.js and Vuex, and animating the page based on state changes using Pixi.js.

Online Document Editor Design

Online document editor

I have built a design and prototype for an online document editor (Undisclosed client due to NDA). I've used common patterns such as drag and drop and inline text editing. It features a layered design that resembles a desk and paper, to maintain affordance and recognisability.

Handoff - Drag and drop design tool

I'm building a next generation drawing tool called Handoff, which allows you to draw user interfaces, and export them to production ready markup and styling. I'm creating the brand, designs as well as the architecture and code behind this project.

Website and booking engine for travel startup

UI design and development of e-commerce website for a travel startup (Geardropper). The big challenge here was to balance the need for a unique design with other development priorities. Here I've used Webflow with a custom-built booking process powered by Vue and a Node.js API.

Handoff Design

Website design for logistics startup

This is one of the design concepts I've created for a logistics company. It features an illustration as a more personal way to inform visitors about the brand and its offerings.

Handoff Design

Track & Trace design and modular configurator

I have been involved in building a modular Track & Trace page design, which is now being used by thousands of consumers per day for tracking their shipments. I have conducted multiple usability tests to improve and finalise the designs. I was also tasked on building the configurator and the tracking page widgets.

If you'd like to see more of my work, don't hesitate to send me a message.

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